Make 2016 the Year of Uprising Against SF – IRA in Government

New Year Message by TUV leader, Jim Allister:-

“As one year closes and another opens up it is an appropriate time to look both back and forward.

“2015 was another year of dysfunctional failure by the Stormont executive as it lurched from crisis to crisis. Nothing new there, you might think. But, 2015 will go down as the year of the DUP’s greatest rollover yet in face of IRA/Sinn Fein.

“The IRA murdered again; the Government Panel confirmed the continued existence not just of the still armed IRA but its wicked Army Council, controlling both the IRA and Sinn Fein. Yet, the instant response of the DUP was to renew their vows with Sinn Fein in government and commit themselves to a “fresh start” with terrorists in government. What a shameless climbdown!

“In 2016, however, we all have the opportunity to do something about it. 5th May is that day of opportunity. At the polls you can demonstrate such pandering to Sinn Fein is not in your name. By voting TUV you will send out that message loud and clear.

“With the present structures incapable of working it is time to sweep aside the debris of failure and seek devolution that is durable and workable. Any system of government to survive must embrace, not negate, the basic democratic imperatives, which apply everywhere except Northern Ireland:-
*the right of voters to change their government;
*the imperative of having an Opposition.

“Because the present Stormont system of mandatory coalition denies both, it can never succeed. Only a coalition of the willing and a vibrant Opposition will bring stability to government. This is TUV’s positive vision.

“If you want more of the same failure at Stormont, then vote again for the parties that have brought you the present shambles – you get what you vote for! But, if you want change, real change, and an effective voice, then commit to voting TUV. We need your support to make the difference.

“There is no point is saying “Jim Allister is doing a great job”, unless you vote for my TUV candidates. Make that your new year resolution for 2016. Let’s together – while others celebrate the grubby rebellion of 1916 – make 2016 the year of uprising at the polls against Sinn Fein and the failure they and their partners have brought to Stormont.

“Finally, it may be that this year David Cameron’s feeble and empty negotiations with the EU will result in an In/Out referendum. Whenever it comes TUV will campaign hard for a British exit, anxious to free our nation from the shackles of Brussels and see us restored to having sovereign control over our own borders, immigration and trade.

“TUV wishes all a happy and peaceful New Year.”

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