Legacy Inquest Comments Concerning

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“It is deeply concerning that the DUP have failed to be clear on the issue of legacy inquests. These inquests – which examine deaths at the hands of the RUC and Army – are part of Sinn Fein’s attempt to rewrite the past and legitimatise the IRA campaign of terror.

“They could see retired soldiers and police officers in the dock while IRA terrorists get off scot-free.

“Remember that the Stormont Castle Agreement agreed £19 million in funds for legacy inquests – a figure which dwarfed the £6.5 million for the Historical Investigations Union for overhanging Historical Enquires Team cases. The stage has already been set for a climb-down on this vital issue.

“Yesterday’s decision on Irish language funding was a signal that the DUP are prepared to give ground on Republican demands. If we see a similar U-turn on legacy inquests it will have much more serious and profound ramifications which would aid Republicans in their pursuit of the security forces and assist their attempts to re-write history.

“To allow those organisations which were responsible for the vast majority of deaths during the Troubles to portray themselves as victims would be the ultimate insult.”


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