Conviction for Proctor Murder Shows folly of Amnesty Call

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The welcome conviction today of Seamus Kearney for the brutal murder 32 years ago of RUC Reserve Constable John Proctor in a hospital car park, just after he visited his newborn son, highlights the absolute folly of the Attorney General’s call for an amnesty for pre 1998 offences.

“Murder is murder and has no sell-by date. The particularly callous nature of Reserve Constable Proctor’s death highlights the nature of the crimes Mr Larkin was suggesting should be forgotten.

“I know from my discussions with this family how crucial the pursuit of the killer was to them. Their relentless insistence on justice was rewarded with the emergence of DNA findings. Such can happen for other families.

“Victims of terrorism have seen victim makers elevated to the highest positions in the land and even in this case someone who has been duly convicted of murder will be out in just two years, because of the folly of the Belfast Agreement. They should not see justice further corrupted by the killers of their loved ones get off without ever standing before a court.”

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