Gaston Concern Over Maze Film

Statement by TUV Banside councillor Timothy Gaston:

“Having viewed the trailer for the upcoming film “Maze” I am deeply concerned that it will be yet another case of the film industry romanticising Republican terrorists. The film appears to be told almost entirely from the point of view of the prisoners. While guards appear to be portrayed as brutal there is no hint that the film will reflect the death and destruction visited upon many innocent families by the occupants of the Maze.

“Four years ago this week innocent victims across Northern Ireland breathed a collective sigh of relief when the so-called “conflict transformation centre” at the Maze was scraped. The strength of feeling around that issue showed that feelings are still very raw when it comes to events at the Maze.

“While no one would advocate censorship I believe there is a moral obligation upon film makers to behave responsibly towards innocent victims of terrorists.

“In a world which has seen multiple examples of terrorism in recent times it is hard to understand why there isn’t greater consideration of these issues”.

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