Gaston Backs Agri-Sector

Statement by Cllr Timothy Gaston, TUV Candidate for North Antrim:

“I welcome the publication of the Ulster Farmers Union manifesto ahead of the General Election, setting out their vision for the agri-sector for Brexit and beyond.

“UFU have done a commendable job of putting the food production needs of the UK front and centre, and that is what is central to having a secure and safe supply of quality produce that ends up on our plates. The food sector is valued at £108 Billion making it the UK’s largest manufacturing sector; has 3.9 Million people employed; and, meets 61% of the UKs food needs.

“This is why it is vitally important that the needs of the farmers, producers, employees and all involved in this sector are represented at Westminster.

“I come from an agricultural background, know full well about the red tape imposed by the EU and will make the case for less bureaucracy and sustainable investment into the agri-sector in Northern Ireland.”

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