Full Brexit and end of Mandatory Coalition should be key

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“Anyone with the interests of Northern Ireland at heart, irrespective of party affiliation, will hope that the DUP uses its new position of influence wisely and to good effect.

“There are both key national  and local issues to be addressed.

“Of supreme importance is insisting on a complete and clean Brexit, with no NI entanglement with the EU surviving the national exit.

“There are obvious long-standing grievances to be rectified, including the reversal of the perverse definition of a ‘victim’ and the scandal of expenses being paid to non-attending MPs.

“However, a big test of a party which still proclaims itself as an opponent of the Belfast Agreement is whether the DUP uses its leverage to end the failed system of mandatory coalition. Such is the only hope for Stormont. The DUP will never have a better opportunity to force the changes to the NI 1998 Act which would deliver its professed adherence to voluntary coalition. I will, therefore, watch this issue with particular interest.”

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