First McElduff, now Time for Kelly to Go

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“What experience Gerry Kelly has with under-car devices I cannot say, but his flagrant breach of the law in removing a clamping device is something for which this pardon-swaggering Sinn Fein MLA must not escape criminal liability.

“This must swiftly become a matter for police investigation and action. It must be demonstrated he is not above the law. His audacious taking of the law into his own hands must not go unchallenged by the law enforcement agencies. He had no right to remove the clamp and must not get away with it. Equal under the law seems appropriate for one who excels in nauseating lectures about equality.

“Kelly should resign after this self-serving, law-defying episode. It is time for another Sinn Fein representative to exit the public stage courtesy of his own brazen defiance of law and order.”

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