Fed Up With Stormont? Answer Back Tomorrow!

In a final eve of poll statement TUV leader Jim Allister said:

“It is clear from talking to voters across the country that there is widespread disillusionment with Stormont. More and more people are coming to the realisation that devolution as we have it has not and never will work. Politics has been marked by scandal and gross incompetence and allegations of corruption.

“Sinn Fein/IRA are making it clear that after the election they will demand serious concessions if the DUP are to get their ministerial cars and other perks of office back.

“The stark reality we all need to face is that Sinn Féin never did intend or ever does intend to help make Northern Ireland work. Stormont was only ever a phase in its struggle to destroy Northern Ireland.

“After 10 years of bleeding what it could out of mandatory coalition and having decided that there is nothing more for it unless someone wants to come and load it up with more concessions, it has decided that Stormont is over.

“Yet the DUP’s top priority is the restoration of devolution. So what are they prepared to feed the crocodile once the election is out of the way?

“A strong vote for TUV on Thursday is Unionism best insurance policy against concessions to Republicans. With TUV you know that we won’t be cutting any deals with Republicans and will oppose their agenda not just at election time but all the time.”

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