Easter Rising Events in Castlewellan

Commenting after Esther Rising events in Castlewellan South Down TUV Assembly candidate Councillor Henry Reilly said:

“Gross offence has been caused not just to the Unionist community but to moderate Nationalists by events in Castlewellan over the weekend.

“The most visible sign of this was the erection of a massive tricolour at the library which obscured a memorial to servicemen who paid the supreme sacrifice during the Second Word War.

“It is deeply offensive that a foreign flag should be erected in this location – particularly when one remembers that the 1916 Proclamation boasted of an allegiance between the rebels and the German forces fighting against freedom against Irishmen in the trenches of France.

“This sort of provocative behaviour does huge harm to community relations in the local area. I intend to take this issue further with the authorities.

“I would also challenge the local GAA Club to confirm the hours during which it served alcohol over the Esther weekend when a Republican event took place”.

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