Dramatic fall in EU funding to Northern Ireland

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“The answer to an Assembly Question has confirmed a dramatic fall of over £100m in EU funding to Northern Ireland last year. This 25% drop puts beyond doubt that even Northern Ireland is a net contributor to the EU.

“Previous answers to me put total funding at £433m in 2014/15, but in 2015/16 that fell drastically to £321m.

“In 2014/15 agricultural receipts were £300m and structural funds amounted to £133m. However, the Department of Finance has now confirmed that the 2015/16 figures show a drop to £266m in rural funding and just £55m in structural funding.

“With reducing CAP funding, an increasing focus on Eastern Europe and PEACE funding withering away, this decline in support would be the trend for the future, if we were foolish enough to stay in the EU.

“It should never be forgotten that every penny of EU funding is merely some of our own UK money coming back to us because we are such a massive net contributor.”

Note to editors

AQW 36/16-21, AQW 51652/11-16 and AQW 52551/11-16 are as follows

Question: To ask the Minister of Finance what was the total of (i) EU agricultural funding; and (ii) EU Structural Funds receipts in 2015/16. Answer:

Totals are shown in the following table:

Fund Receipts 2015/2016
Agricultural Funds Total £266,565,000.001
Structural Funds Total £55,154,612.25

1 This figure may be subject to change as the 2015-16 accounts are subject to ongoing audit. The accounts are due to be certified and laid in the Assembly at the beginning of July.

Question: To ask the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to detail the total EU funds obtained for Northern Ireland agriculture in 2014/15. Answer:

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development obtained total EU funds of £300.0 million in the 2014/15 financial year. £253.6 million of these funds relate to Single Farm Payment, while the remaining £46.4 million relate to the Rural Development Programme and European Fisheries Fund.

Question: To ask the Minister of Finance and Personnel, pursuant to AQW 51669/11-16, whether he will provide a revised answer addressing how much EU funding was received in 2014-15 rather than outlining the commitments of programmes approved through to 2020. Answer:

EU Structural Funds receipts for Northern Ireland in 2014-2015 were £133,130,058.17.

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