Don’t be DUPed

Statement by TUV South Antrim candidate Richard Cairns:

“As we get closer to polling day it is becoming clearer than ever that the DUP have a single card to play in this election – vote for us to keep Sinn Fein out.

“However, just remember some facts.

“The First Minister only holds office as long as the deputy First Minister allows him or her to. Once Martin McGuinness resigned Arlene Foster lost office too.

“Just a few months ago the DUP happily shared power with Sinn Fein and they are telling us in this election that they want to get devolution back as soon as possible. They are not suggesting any serious changes to the failed Stormont structures and they are certainly not suggesting that they won’t go back into office alongside Sinn Fein.

“Equally for all the outrage of DUP representatives in the press about O’Neill lauding IRA men who happily met their just deserts at the hands of the SAS. What a travesty that after the election – should Sinn Fein decided that it’s in their interests that devolution be restored – O’Neill will be jointly responsible for victims issues!

“The DUP have cynically used the threat of a Sinn Fein First Minister in every election since the passage of the St Andrews Act – which opened the door to the possibility of a Republican First Minister.

“The party which gave us Red Sky, NAMA and now Cash for Ash scandals and lost all credibility and standing on the doorsteps as a result is seeking to win votes simply by scaremongering.

“People are fed up and feel let down by devolution.

“Don’t be DUPed. Give your answer to greed, arrogance and corruption on election day.”

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