Cruel and Unfair to Pretend Talks will Solve Problems

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“It is cruel and unfair to the people of Northern Ireland to again pretend that a new round of talks will bring durable and workable devolution. It will not.

“At best these talks will conjure up another sticking plaster proposal to last till the next crisis.

“The purpose of these talks is to appease Sinn Fein back into government. But none of that will alter the reality that Sinn Fein never has been, and never will be, in government to make Northern Ireland work- quite the opposite. Thus, unless and until we move to a system of coalition by those willing to make Northern Ireland work, we will never see successful devolution.

“With these talks focused on merely more of the same failed recipe, I continue to question why we are spending £45m pa on a Stormont anchored to an unworkable system.”

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