Broken promise on inspections adds to RHI debacle

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“Within six months of the soothing promise that every RHI boiler would be inspected, in a determined effort to root out fraud, we now discover it isn’t going to happen. The fact that this was revealed not by the Department of the Economy but by the Audit Office adds to the transparency issues within government.

“The fact that OFGEM – whose inspection processes failed during the establishment of the scheme – is to be involved in the substitute pilot inspection programme will do nothing for public confidence.

“The revelation by the Audit Office of just how dramatically the level of excessive claims fell once tariff controls were introduced underscores the folly of Arlene Foster in approving an uncontrolled scheme in the first place. She introduced a scheme ousing opportunities to rip off the taxpayer, opportunities which were grasped by those who realised the more they burned the more they ‘earned’.”


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