Brexit is not the play thing of any politician, but the immutable decision of the people

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister

“Pushing real Brexit down the road creates the suspicion that it gives more opportunity for Remoaners to plot to derail our democratic decision to leave the EU. Theresa May should not squander the goodwill of Brexiteers by bending over backwards to placate a Brussels which may never be satisfied, no matter how much she concedes. Offering to pay their bills for another two years is only likely to feed their greed.

“One of the most concerning aspects to me is that during the two year ‘transition’ we will effectively continue with the status quo of the single market and the Customs Union. If this means we can’t during that time negotiate new trade deals with the rest of the world, then, that is very much a backward step.

“There are great trading prospects for the UK outside the EU – with the most growth lying in the rest of the world – and HMG needs to get on with embracing that opportunity, not delaying it.”

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