Bonfires Commemorate Sacrifice, Not Sins

Reacting to comments by the Presbyterian Moderator TUV Councillor Jolene Bunting said:

“There are issues surrounding bonfires which arise every year. The damage to one home in my own area was a particularly stark warning about the dangers which they can poses.

“However, it is important that we do not seek to paint this element of the Eleventh and Twelfth as universally negative. Bonfires is an important cultural event.

“Given that the Twelfth is about celebrating the civil and religious liberties won for our nation it is disappointing that the Moderator did not encourage people to think of the historic events these bonfires commemorate.

“Many of the original fires were lit by Presbyterians to welcome William III as feared for their future on the island of Ireland had he not arrived to fight James II.

“Bonfires don’t commemorate the sins of our fathers rather they commemorate the sacrifices they were called upon to make for their faith.”

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