Allister Welcomes Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Comments on Judge Led Review

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“I welcome the inquiry announced by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee into the get out of jail free letters issued to Republican OTRs.

“I also note with interested that the committee shares my feelings about the mini review announced by the Prime Minister and meekly accepted by the DUP.

“Committee chair, Laurence Robertson MP, said: “The committee was unanimous in its determination to hold an inquiry into this matter.

“We feel that the terms of reference of the judge-led inquiry, announced by the government last week, are too narrow.

“There is also concern that evidence will be taken in private during that inquiry, when, in fact, it is the secrecy of the On the Runs scheme which has contributed greatly to the problems.

“There is concern also that the judge will be unable to compel people to attend as witnesses.”

“These are all points which I have been making in recent days. I therefore welcome the fact that the NI Affairs Committee has raised similar concerns about an exercise which is shaping up to be a whitewash.”

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