Allister to Host European Day for Victims of Terrorism Event

Every year since the Madrid bombings in 2004 the European Union has dedicated one day in March as a Memorial Day to the victims of terrorist attacks. Prior to the election of Jim Allister to the Assembly this event had never been marked at Stormont. However, the TUV leader rectified this situation and has hosted highly successful events attended by victims of Republican and Loyalist terrorism from across Northern Ireland each year since his election to the Assembly.

Mr Allister is again hosting an event in the Senate Chamber in Parliament Buildings at 10.30am for 11am on Monday 14th March 2016.

Jim Allister explained:

“As in previous years, the event will take the form of a minute of silence in memory of murdered victims, followed by some victims telling their stories so that we might hear some of the untold accounts of the consequences of terrorism. It is anticipated the event will run for approximately 30 minutes from 11am.

“I am grateful to Alban Maginness MLA and Mike Nesbitt MLA for joining me in sponsoring this event.

“I believe this will be a worthwhile effort and in previous years I received very positive feedback from those who attended. It is but right that one of the regions of Europe most savagely ravaged by terrorism should mark this important day.

“Given the events of recent days, with the Paris attacks at the end of last year and a bomb attack in East Belfast just last week, this event has become even more relevant. I look forward to welcoming a large number of innocent victims to Stormont on Monday and invite the press to cover this important event”.

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