Allister Backs Calls for UDR Widow Pension to be Restored

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The refusal of the Ministry of Defence to reinstate the pension of UDR widows is grossly unfair.

“When the rules were changed last year to permit armed forces widows who remarried to retain their pension this inequality should have been addressed for widows who had already remarried.

“In the last Assembly I secured pension parity for RUC widows who have remarried or will remarry in the future, through moving amendments to the Pensions Bill.

“While UDR widows are outside the scope of the Assembly, I see no reason why Westminster can not bring in similar changes for military widows.

“It could be done for the RUC widows so why is Westminster being so stingy?

“These are people who suffered unimaginable pain and loss. They should not face a financial penalty if they remarry.”

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