Alderman McDonald Delivers for Icy Bannside

Alderman Stewart McDonald delivered 70 buckets of grit around Bannside last Wednesday night.

The TUV Alderman said:

“The weather conditions over the last week have been challenging for all of us. People are particularly conscious that a cold snap such as the one we have been experiencing poses problems for the elderly but the freezing temperatures have made driving and even walking in many places difficulty for the public, regardless of their age.

“The statutory agencies try their best to see to as many people as possible but when everywhere is so bad there will always be places which are missed. I was aware of many people whose area hadn’t been done so I decided to do something about it.

“On Wednesday night I delivered seventy buckets of grit around Bannside and spread it in some areas. I had given out fifty the previous Monday. I know this was appreciated by many people and I hope that it will result in a few less falls in the area.”

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