Action Needed on Illegal 1916 Memorial in Carnlough

Statement by TUV East Antrim Assembly candidate Ruth Wilson:

“The erection of an illegal memorial in Carnlough to the Easter Rising is totally unacceptable. Council has a clear process which must be gone through which has been completely ignored in this case. I am calling on those who put up the memorial to remove it immediately and if they fail to do so then the council should act to remove it.

“This is an illegal structure to a failed rebellion unveiled at an illegal parade. It has no relevance to the people of East Antrim.”

North Antrim TUV candidate and Mid and East Antrim deputy Mayor Timothy Gaston added:

“During my term as Deputy Mayor I have officially visited the village several times and this memorial is simply creating unnecessary tensions amongst the community.

“Council is trying to promote Carnlough as an inclusive village for all and tap into its tourism potential but sadly there is an element in the community aided by Sinn Fein trying to work against us.”

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