About TUV


TUV was formed in December 2007 to give voice to Traditional Unionists throughout Northern Ireland who reject unrepentant terrorists at the heart of government and who feel betrayed by those who ushered them into government. In essence we occupy the ground forsaken by those who for the sake of office sacrificed their principles. We hold that “nothing which is morally wrong can be politically right.”

Thus, we robustly oppose IRA/Sinn Fein and the advancement of their all-Ireland agenda through the implementation of the pernicious Belfast Agreement. Built upon the triple pillars of mandatory coalition, the office of Joint First Minister and the north/south executive bodies, the Belfast Agreement’s design is to ease Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom and into an all-Ireland “solution”. Whereas, we believe our future lies with the UK and that our structures and processes of government must be compatible with those prevailing elsewhere within the Kingdom. Thus we repudiate the absurdity of mandatory coalition, designed to guarantee IRA/Sinn Fein a perpetual place in government, but at the price of denying the electorate the right to ever vote a party out of government or to have an effective Opposition.

The measure of our success in exposing and opposing the present regime at Stormont is the venom which we draw from Sinn Fein, as they complain about their partner in government constantly looking over their shoulder at TUV. The very least we have achieved is to keep the brakes on DUP concessions. But our ambition is much greater. We want an end to the obscenity of unreconstructed terrorists in government and an end to the system which ever let them in.