A Year Without a Terrorist as co-First Minister

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“As we mark a year since the resignation of Martin McGuinness it is long past the point where Unionists should have realised that Republicans evidently have no interest in providing good and stable government for Northern Ireland as part of the U.K. but the current system has allowed them to leave the Province without a government for a year. Sinn Fein has never been in business to make Northern Ireland work – that is the simple truth.

“Unionists need to realise that one of the arguments that Republicans will be making in their campaign for an all Ireland is that Northern Ireland is ungovernable and that Republicans are able to say that because the current system means no devolved government can be formed without them. The failed system needs to be abandoned and recognised for the failure it is.

“The resignation of McGuinness should have been viewed by Unionists as an opportunity to change the system of government to one which was both democratic and workable. After 12 months of pointless talks the new Secretary of State should be told that no Unionist will continue with this charade. Instead, sadly, some seem only to have the vision of delivering more of the same – more of the same failure, deadlock and republican veto.

“The actions of McElduff and the Sinn Fein response graphically illustrate why they were never fit for government. It’s time for Unionists to unite on that ground.”

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